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One of the great things about LogicMonitor’s hosted monitoring is the support we can offer.  Because we are hosted monitoring, customer can choose to grant our support staff access to their accounts so we can help them directly; they can chat with an engineer in their portal, or they can email or phone us.

Today we are announcing another support channel: support.logicmonitor.com

This a community site, where you can post questions, report problems, suggest ideas or even give praise.

The advantage of this support channel is that it accumulates knowledge – so once we (or other community members) have answered a question, it will be immediately available for others to find as an answer when they ask a similar question.  If there is no answer, and a question is posted, LogicMonitor staff will be notified and we can answer  the question directly.

So we encourage everyone to use this as their first line of support – it should benefit everyone, and we’ll also be using it in the future for some cool contests, like the most interesting LogicMonitor alert and solution of the month. (As a matter of fact, if you have ideas for cool contests, suggest them at support.logicmonitor.com!)

Go check it out!


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