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What, Free Cisco?! (The real value of service)

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by Cisco Arias

In the modern world of consumerism, there are so many choices, noises and deals, it’s sometimes hard to calculate the real value of the products and services we purchase. At LogicMonitor, we try to make it obvious.

I don’t like to call our solution a “product” because for some reason it makes me think of, “Sorry pal, you purchased this as is. I can’t help you.” That’s not how we roll.

We have a joke here that our product now comes with free Cisco (not the trademarked kind). As an Account Manager here’s the way I look at it: The moment a new client signs on we become partners in improving each others businesses and helping each other grow.

A service, or solution, like ours relies on synergy and strong relationships with our clients if we are to provide them the most effective and intelligent SaaS monitoring solution out there. One of my personal goals here is to build these relationships in order to understand the needs of the end user AND organization… to keep the client’s business flowing and improving.

I see monitoring as one component of the daily workflow of an average IT, Sys Admin, or Network Engineer. And monitoring should provide more than just alerting, it should provide a way of proactively finding out how to prevent those fires. And beyond that, it should provide intelligence that improves operations and business metrics that are meaningful to those  upstairs.

And I’m not happy until our clients actually realize all these benefits. We’re not going to sell you a “product” where it’s up to you to figure it out and get it working. We’re going to provide you with the resources needed to maximize the value of our solution.

From day one, we have a team of Engineers and Developers working with you to ensure your monitoring is made easy and effective. You also have people like me who will check in frequently to see if there is anything we can do to help.

Whether it’s letting you know your portal is not up to date, going over new features, or getting new team members up to speed, you can rest assured that you have a go-to person for anything LogicMonitor related.

So be sure to consider all of this the next time you are calculating what real value means to you and your organization… or the next time you need help on a “product” you purchased and are looking and waiting, looking and waiting…

now free, with LogicMonitor :)


One of the difficulties in IT environments is that redundancy can sometimes make outages worse.  The problem being that redundancy can often give people (mostly justified) confidence in the availability of their systems, so they design architectures on the assumption that their core switch (or database, or load balancing cluster, or what have you) will not go down.

And they even have monitoring.

But they don’t monitor the state of the redundant server or component. So then the redundant server or component fails, or is unplugged, or synchronization fails, or what have you, and stays that way for weeks with no one noticing. Then the active server or component fails, the other one is already out of commission – and boom – Bad Things happen.

So if you run redundant supervisor modules in your core switches to get high availability, make sure your cisco switch monitoring is capable of monitoring them. Same for redundant power supplies.

Same for active-standby Netscalers, or F5 Big IPs, or NetApp clusters, and or anything that you want to make sure works when needed.

If it’s not monitored, chances are it won’t be there when you need it.


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