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Happy Halloween from all of us at LogicMonitor!

Apparently some LogicMonitor people (and it wasn’t just the guys) decided to strut their geek cred in one of our internal chat rooms this afternoon.  The names have been removed to protect the geeky.

See how many of these old school technologies you recall…. (sorry Gen Y – you might have to Alta Vista Google some of this stuff.)

3:32 PM i like the “browser support” section

3:34 PM OMG IE 5.5!!!!!

3:34 PM i’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad that there still are some people using it

3:35 PM I have Netscape Navigator 4.0 installed on this machine

3:35 PM I have seen AOL IE recently Read more »

Giving Thanks to SysAdmins

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You only get noticed when things go wrong.
The burden of entire companies rests on your shoulders.
Your work day never ends at 5:30 pm.
You’re on call 24/7/365.
You keep things running 99.999% of the time.
Today, we express our gratitude for your knowledge, dedication, and patience.


Trends in Art

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Not what we usually cover in this blog, but we saw a great new piece at a local art gallery, and figured everyone would be interested:

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